Paddy Understands We Are In An “Experience Economy”

Being a service provider, we need to understand we cannot do business the same way we used to. We need to provide a memorable experience for patients and clients in order to retain them and attract new business.

It is essential to now build a heart-centered business which means it’s main focus is the mission of doing good for the people you service. It means you go above and beyond in showing your patients or clients that you care about their well being and that what you offer is something you truly believe will improve their life.

On a professional level it demonstrates that you are always learning and willing to explore ways to improve your profession in some way.

You chose this business path because it means doing something that you love and something that you feel ads value to the community in which you are a member.

When you operate your business from a place that is heart-centered you are offering value and in return your patients and clients will add value to your business by communicating the wonderful experiences they had with others.

Attention needs to be placed on personal dynamics in your office and the necessity to create a positive, caring working environment for their staff. This will ensure your team will possess the skills to turn this outward to the people you service and become people centered, treating your customers as individuals, with a focus on individual needs and wants. The business owner needs to be open to this type of philosophy.

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Paddy has been instrumental in the restructuring of our office operations.  Through her input our practice has increased its productivity and has experienced enhanced cohesiveness.  I would highly recommend her services.

Dr. David Sowden
Harbourside Oral & Facial Surgical Centre