Operational Improvement Services

  • Assist the team in developing the practice vision, and core values

  • Develop, with the team, a positive practice culture

  • Develop, with the team, “standards of conduct” for all staff / departments

  • Educate and work with staff / dentists in the development of new patient protocols including patient experience, people centered / patient centered focus

  • Train staff in how to create a “memorable experience” for all patients

  • Coach dentists in management of staff, in all aspects of communication skills, performance reviews

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Front Desk

  • Provide training in all areas pertaining to the front desk

  • Appropriate verbal skills in dealing with patients

  • Appropriate telephone skills

  • Presenting fees and setting up financial plans, accounts receivable

  • Implement efficient systems regarding insurance

  • Implement efficient front desk systems

  • Set production goals; daily based on monthly production

  • Train in the area of scheduling based on production goals

  • Time management regarding organization of the day

  • How to maintain financial controls on the front desk

  • Set up and maintain an effective recall system

  • Determine the computer software is utilized to the maximum

  • Develop a policies and procedures manual

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Staff Management & Human Resources

  • Teach and train staff in developing a patient-centered practice

  • How to create a long lasting “memorable experience” for patients

  • Develop effective communication between the clinical and the administrative staff

  • Train doctor / office manager in how to orient and train new employees

  • Develop a team environment (team building)

  • Prepare and conduct productive staff meetings

  • Deal with staff conflicts

  • Hire staff, conduct all interviews, working with the dentist and staff including them in the selection process

  • Terminate staff

  • Problem solving in all aspects of practice management

  • Act as a liaison when necessary with staff and doctor

  • Train dentist / office manager in developing and presenting performance evaluations

  • Develop employee contracts, averaging agreement, employee handbooks, conflict resolution policy, vacation request forms

  • Train to provide effective performance evaluations

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  • Work as a liaison with the hygienist and staff

  • Train hygienist to work collaboratively with the dentist in educating patients regarding restorative treatment

  • Facilitate and assist hygienist in developing the office hygiene protocol; train hygienist and provide appropriate verbal skills for educating patients regarding periodontal disease

  • Monitor production and determine profit margin of the hygiene program set and monitor production goals

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  • Liaison with the clinical and the administrative staff to ensure effective communication

  • CDA training in necessary areas

  • Implement effective financial controls regarding dental supplies

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Treatment Presentation Program

  • The economy and how it impacts dentistry

  • Patient experience; creating a long lasting memorable experience

  • Conduct personality types assessment with each staff member

  • Learn how to quickly assess their patient’s type in order to communicate more effectively

  • Educate all staff regarding the generational differences and their impact on the staff and practice

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Business Management

  • Work with the dentist(s) to set personal and practice goals

  • Coach the dentist in human resources and the “business” of your practice

  • Work with the entire team in how to progressively grow the practice

  • Assist in the hiring and transition of an associate

  • Develop a Policies and Procedures manual

  • Develop Employee Agreement / Contract & Averaging Agreements for staff coach the dentist/office manager to monitor his/her practice in the following areas: overhead costs, dental supplies, accounts receivable / collections, cash flow, accounts payable

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